The first Methodist Meetings were held in the kitchen of Hewitts Farmhouse. The date 16 Feb 1812 was etched on a window pane of the farm kitchen and is believed to be the date of the first meeting there. The small pane of glass is now kept at the Methodist Church in Windsor Drive. The Methodist Church in Chelsfield Village was completed in 1872. The inscription on the rectanguar stone reads “This memorial stone was laid by Sir Francis Lycett JP DL July 5 th 1872. The site was presented by T Townsend Esq. Sunday School and Church outings were a big feature of Methodism. Children would have come from quite a distance for the Sunday School, and enjoyed outings like this vist to Sheerness in 1950. The Methodist Church in Windsor Drive was completed in 1966.
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Methodism in Chelsfield
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