This page offers suggestions for further reading and research. See also our pages on websites and further information. Our Sources section contains transcribed original documents for the enthusiast and those who wish to do detailed research on original documents. These include transcribed tax records, wills, deeds, and links to similar material. The list below sets out a number of books and pamphlets by local historians and residents which give history and stories of Chelsfield for those who wish to read and research further. Most of these are available from Bromley Library or Local Studies Department. Alexander Theodore Brown: Half-Lights on Chelsfield Court Lodge. Published Liverpool 1933. Geoffrey Copus: Chelsfield Chronicles, Annals of a Kentish Parish. Published 2003, (ISBN 1 872886 01 9). Alan Cheesman: Chelsfield, In From The Cold. Published 2011 by Celsfield Press, (ISBN 978-0-9568957-0-7). Miss Read (Dora Saint): Time Remembered, published by Michael Joseph 1986. Time Remembered and A Fortunate Grandchild are available together as Early Days: A Childhood Memoir, published by Orion Books. (ISBN 978 0 7528 8220 8). Derek Sheffield : This forgotten place; published Meresborough Books 1993 (ISBN 0 9481 9379 4). And then there were none; published Meresborough Books 1994 (ISBN 0 9481 9381 6). Till the end of time; published Meresborough Books 1995 (ISBN 0 9481 9382 4). Chelsfield is also mentioned in a number of books centred on neighbouring areas: Phil Waller: Around Orpington Through Time, published by Amberley Publishing 2013. (ISBN 978 1 4456 1767 1). More information from the Around Orpington Through Time website at http://around- Dorothy Cox: The Book of Orpington. Published 1983 by Barracuda Books. (ISBN 0 86023 164 X) Marjorie Ford and Geoffrey Rickard: The Story of Green Street Green. Published 2004 by Bromley Leisure Services. (ISBN 10 0901002 16 X) Judith Hook: Pratts Bottom An English Village Sue Short: Pratt’s Bottom, A Journey Through Life. More information from the history pages of the Pratts Bottom Community Website. These are not exhaustive lists, please let us know if you think items should be added.
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Books on Chelsfield and neighbouring areas
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